Tools for Captains

Whether you're starting a new team, getting ready for your first season, or going on your 5th championship, we know firsthand that as a Captain, it takes time and patience to manage your team. Below we've outlined how to pay your team dues, manage your team, and find players. 
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Paying Your Team Dues


To reserve your team's spot each season, sign up as a "Team Captain" and pay your team dues online.
The Captain can either pay the entire team balance up front, or pay a $150 deposit by the registration deadline and the remaining balance anytime before kickoff of the third game. The deposit is non-refundable and secures a team's position in the league. A team's deposit and/or dues will be refunded only if SOPFC cancels a league entirely, or if a team is not offered a position in a league/division determined to be appropriate for the team.
Also note that in order to retain an early registration discount, a team's dues must be paid in full 1 week prior to the scheduled START DATE (NOT the Payment Deadline!), otherwise the team balance will increase to the regular price and a team will then have until the Payment Deadline (typically midnight the day before the third game) to complete their dues (the deposit will still reserve a league spot and be applied to the total balance).
A team's dues must always be paid in full by the Payment Deadline. After paying the deposit, Captains can use our TeamPayer tool to invite teammates and assign them their share of dues, paid directly toward the team balance. Captains are 100% responsible for making sure their team dues are paid in full - any unpaid team balance after the Payment Deadline will be charged to the Captain's credit/debit card. Teams with delinquent dues unable to be charged for any reason will incur a $50 fine per week, and may incur game forfeits. Teams dropping out of, or disqualified from a league will forfeit their deposit and dues.
Note that you cannot pay by personal check. You may pay with a company check if it’s mailed to our office or delivered to an SOPFC staff member at the field (you must contact us to arrange this first - do no just show up unannounced at the field with a check). Printable invoices/receipts are available by logging in to your Player Page and clicking "View Invoice" if you need documentation to provide to your company, partner, or sponsor for reimbursement.

Managing Your Team


Below are some common questions and methods for managing your team each season.
How do I add players to my team roster online?
  1. Log in to your Player Page > Manage Team > Invite Players.
  2. Easily add or invite teammates to your roster via email, Facebook, a team invite link, or using previous season rosters.
  3. Captains can also remove players or revoke invites they may have already sent. 
Only Captains can manage/add players.
What are the best ways to keep track of my players?
  1. Log in to your Player Page > Manage Team > You will see your entire roster
  2. Message players directly from your Dashboard, or use your private Team Forum to communicate with teammates.
  3. Manage invites and invoices you may have issued to teammates using TeamPayer.
What are the best practices for collecting money from team players?
We recommend using the TeamPayer tool to invoice each of your teammates their share of team dues, payable directly to the league and lowering your team balance accordingly. Alternately, you can have your players pay you via Venmo or PayPal prior to the season start, or bring cash to the first game they play. The sooner you can secure a financial commitment from each player, the more invested they will be in showing up and contributing to the team in a positive way.
When and how should I remind players of upcoming games?
Players who have accepted an email invitation to join your team roster online can opt-in to receive automatic game reminders via email the day of (or Friday before) each game including the date, time, location, and links to RSVP for that game. This is another reason it's important to add all players to your roster every season! Captains and team players can view all the RSVPs of their teammates.
Additional player reminder methods:
  1. Use the "Messages" tab on of your team page
  2. Use the private "Team Forum" section of your team page
  3. Send group emails to all teammates
  4. Add teammates to a group within the GroupMe app
  5. Text message players on game days

Finding Players for Your Team

1. Nextdoor Online Community
Recruit players on Nextdoor, a free private social network that connects you with people in neighboring communities based on your home address. It's quick to sign up for, and each post here will reach anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 people in your nearby neighborhoods. We know Captains who've used Nextdoor to recruit enough players over the course of a week to form a whole team, from just one post!
Here's how to find players:
  1. Sign up at
  2. Create a new post asking for interested soccer players to join your team
  3. Use a team photo or photo from your league's details page to help attract attention
  4. Make sure to link to your specific league (e.g. Saturday Coed Fall 2017), so people can find out more info first
Here's an example of an actual post used to help build a team:
2. SOPFC Clubhouse Facebook Group
Post player requests in SOPFC's "Clubhouse" Facebook group, a place for players, teams, and Captains to connect. You can post requests for new players, subs for games when you may be short players, etc. Anyone can read the posts on the Clubhouse, but you must request to join the group in order to create a new post. We approve everyone who requests to join, usually within a couple of hours or so.
Everyone in the group has actively expressed an interest in playing or joining an SOPFC team at some point, so it's a pretty receptive audience.
3. Atlanta Pick-Up Soccer Facebook Group
Post player requests in the Atlanta Pick-Up Soccer Facebook group, created by a friend of SOPFC to help people find pickup games in the Atlanta area. In addition to finding pickup games, people post requests for new players or subs for games here. You can probably post something similar on here and the SOPFC Clubhouse group.
4. Friends and Co-Workers
Ask friends and co-workers to play! Word of mouth is still one of the most reliable ways to recruit new players. Have your players mention to their co-workers that they're looking for another team player, or post on their Facebook to see if any of their friends might want to join. Most teams find at least 2-3 new players every season this way.
5. Pickup Games
RSVP for an SOPFC pickup game and invite players there to join your team! SOPFC offers daily pickup games through our Meetup group, and many of these players want to play in our league too. Although some players may register to play on their own as free agents, there are often players who would prefer to meet a Captain at the field and be invited directly to a team. Playing pickup with potential players also helps you find out which players would be a good fit for your team.
There are a lot of great players at pickup, so consider RSVPing on Meetup for an upcoming session and inviting some folks there to join your team - it's a very friendly crew of people.

Questions or Additional Help


Have any questions about forming or managing your team? Read our FAQ for more information, or drop us a line anytime at and we'll be happy to help.
Feel free to also email us if you want to share any other tips for finding players as a Captain for this page, or have any feedback for us!