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Atlanta Soccer League for Adults


Sons of Pitches FC offers friendly, organized, community-driven adult soccer leagues year-round on premium intown turf fields with stadium lighting. Registration includes referees, fields, equipment, league managers, online standings & schedules, prizes, min 8 games per season & more. Read our Player Testimonials here.


All leagues are open to both men and women - only Coed leagues require two women on field at all times. Open leagues offer social all the way up to highly competitive levels of play across multiple divisions of skill. Over-30 and Over-40 leagues are strictly for players 30 and 40 years of age and older, respectively, by the first game date of the season.


Register as a Team or Free Agent


Click "Team" to register as a Captain - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED! After signing up, invite and invoice teammates for their share of team dues using our TeamPayer tool. Read our Tools for Team Captains page for tips on finding players and managing your team.


Click "Free Agent" to register for FREE and be added to the pool of players Captains can choose from when they need additional team players. You will only be asked to pay your share of team dues if you join a team. This is a great way to meet new people! Many of our returning teams recruit Free Agents every season.


Fall 2018 Registration Deadlines


Early: Aug 28 | Final: Sept 3 - Sunday Open 7v7 League (1 late team spot open - email us)
Early: Sept 13 | Final: Sept 19 - Tuesday Open 7v7 League
Early: Sept 13 | Final: Sept 19 - Tuesday Coed 7v7 League
Early: Sept 13 | Final: Sept 19 - Tuesday Over-40 7v7 League (full-size goals)
Early: Sept 14 | Final: Sept 20 - Wednesday Open 7v7 League
Early: Sept 15 | Final: Sept 21 - Thursday Over-30 7v7 League
Early: Sept 26 | Final: Oct 2 - Monday Coed 7v7 League
Early: Oct 3 | Final: Oct 9 - Monday Open 7v7 League
Early: Oct 8 | Final: Oct 14 - Saturday Coed 7v7 League


Want to move your soccer team to SOPFC?
💲💲 Join the crowd! Email for a first season discount up to $100 for switching from any other ATL league. 💲💲


Fall 2018 - Sunday Supporters 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Tuesday Open 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Tuesday Coed 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Tuesday Over-40 7v7 Soccer

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  • Sport: Soccer
  • Format: Over-40 7v7 (Full-Size Goals)
  • Locations: Drew Charter School - East Lake
  • Days of the week: Tuesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Tuesday, September 25

Fall 2018 - Wednesday Open 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Thursday Over-30 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Monday Coed 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Monday Open 7v7 Soccer

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Fall 2018 - Saturday Coed 7v7 Soccer

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Team Referrals & Skill Levels

Help us grow SOPFC by inviting your friends to join the club! We offer perks to any existing teams that refer new teams to ANY of our leagues - just email and let us know who you referred.


We have a skill level for every soccer player. We have changed how we label our leagues. Our leagues are now named for their formats, and we use division labels within leagues to designate relative skill level. Current 7v7 formats include Open, Coed, Over-30 and Over-40. New teams start in the lowest division of the league they enter, and work their way up through promotion/relegation. We will consider higher division placements for new teams switching from another Atlanta league in a similar division.


Questions about joining leagues? Read our FAQ here.