Community Programs

Youth Community Soccer Programs in Atlanta
Carver High School's goalkeeper rocking personalized gloves donated by SOPFC league players Rob Schneider and Will Mullis.

SOPFC is More Than a League


Our club was founded by passionate soccer players with a profound understanding of soccer as an institution of culture and community.
It is easy to view soccer as a simple game, because it is. With only a ball and a pitch, you have what is needed to create an exciting game for 22 plus players. However, it's in those shared moments on the pitch between teammates and opponents that a simple game transcends into culture, and with the proper leadership it can have a profound impact on the entire community, especially its youngest members.
Through our partnership with Atlanta schools we offer the following community programs to students: 
  • Employment opportunities
  • Free year-round pickup and league play
  • Mentorship through adult community coaches
We believe that today's youth are tomorrow's league captains, coaches, and community leaders, and we strive to empower them through soccer!
Club and Community - Youth and Adult Soccer