Our Club

Sons of Pitches FC is Atlanta's largest intown soccer club, offering adult soccer leagues, pickup soccer games, rooftop soccer tournaments, and social soccer events for players and fans alike. We also partner with community schools and organizations to offer free soccer programs for youth players.



To make soccer accessible for the entire community by fostering a shared passion for the sport and providing dedicated active spaces for the game.


Contact Us

If you'd like to get in touch, email us at info@sonsofpitchesfc.com. We're happy to answer any questions about leagues, field media requests, or provide sponsorship info. Is your organization interested in having a soccer tournament or event? We can manage and host it for you!


Our Story

The founding club members got together in 2014 and decided it was time to bring everyone together around a simple idea: passion for soccer. Now, with Atlanta United FC thriving in the MLS, it's time to unite around soccer in our hometown. We invite you to join us, whether it's playing pickupcompeting in a league, serving as a community coach, or supporting any of our tournaments or events. Our success depends on the support and involvement of the entire soccer community!


Leadership Team


Christopher Wedge

Co-Founder & President



Favorite Team - Ecuador


While playing pickup wherever I go, in Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, and Colombia, I realized it was the best way to improve my game. Each country offers a new rhythm to the game. The same movements used to dance in clubs are reflected on the pitch. It's my personal goal to bring soccer communities together, and encourage its fusion into a mosaic unlike any other.

Alex Henry

Co-Founder & VP Operations



Favorite Team - Arsenal


My passion for soccer transcends many aspects of my life. My involvement with Atlanta's Soccer in The Streets and City of Refuge has reinvigorated my belief that soccer can change the world. If I'm not volunteering, you can probably find me at a local pickup game or having a brew at East Atlanta soccer pub Midway.

Court Sullivan

Co-Founder & VP Club Development



Favorite Team - Everton


Soccer has always been a passion in my life, but only with Sons of Pitches has the game seemed so friendly, community-oriented, and accessible as an adult. I strive to build on this positive energy and bring more players together to share the sport in Atlanta.


Carter Pobanz

Promotions Coordinator



Favorite Team - Atlanta United FC


Soccer is my stress relief and it gives off this amazing sense of community. If I'm having a bad day, I go play soccer. If I want to hang out with a few friends, we go play soccer. No matter what I'm doing I always have a soccer ball near by. Soccer helps to bring everyone together, it's a universal sport where everyone can communicate and escape whatever troubles they may have. You can usually catch me at Brewhouse watching the Timbers game.

Edgar Garcia

League Manager



Steven Broyles

League Manager



Arsenal FC


Soccer is one of my life's passions. I love seeing and analyzing the game from many different perspectives. That has meant being a player (first and hopefully always), a fan, a youth coach, and both a referee and manager. Those roles have all been important in trying to foster and contribute to a soccer community, locally and worldwide. Regardless whether you call it soccer, football, or futbol, I'll agree given that you respect and appreciate it.


Zach Ketchum

League Manager



Nikolai Curtis

League Manager



Joseph Rehanek

League Manager




Jackie Kjobech

League Manager




All-Star Alumni

Chris Pozzi - Founding Contributor


Tyler Perez - League Manager


Jay Delgado - League Manager


Founding Club Members

Christopher Wedge
Alex Henry
Chris Pozzi
Court Sullivan
Joed Kendrick
Omar Gonzalez
Cory Vaughan
Steven Lambert
Rodolfo Gallardo
Max Turner
Max Garcia
Taylor Ruby
Stephen Musson
Chad Ross
Anass Bounar
Alec Morrison
Tyler Perez