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Community Programs

Youth Community Soccer Programs in Atlanta

Carver High School's goalkeeper rocking personalized gloves donated by SOPFC league players Rob Schneider and Will Mullis.



SOPFC is More Than a League


Our club was founded by passionate soccer players with a profound understanding of soccer as an institution of culture and community.


It is easy to view soccer as a simple game, because it is. With only a ball and a pitch, you have what is needed to create an exciting game for 22+ players. However, it's in those shared moments on the pitch between teammates and opponents that a simple game transcends into culture, and with the proper leadership it can have a profound impact on the entire community, especially its youngest members.


SOPFC is proud to allot a portion of all adult league team dues directly toward supporting the athletic programs of the high schools where we play, as well as after school soccer programs for associated local middle and elementary school youth. Every year, with the help of our non-profit partners, we also organize special events for these students and their coaches/teachers, such as a field trip to see Atlanta United FC play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


We believe that today's youth are tomorrow's captains, coaches, and community leaders, and we strive to empower them through soccer!



High School Student Programs


Through our partnership with Atlanta Public Schools we currently offer community programs to high school students at:


  • Carver High School (South Atlanta)
  • Maynard Jackson High School (East Atlanta)
  • Booker T. Washington High School (Westside)


Programs include:


  • Employment opportunities
  • Free year-round pickup and league play
  • Mentorship through adult community coaches



Elementary and Middle School Student Programs


We currently operate youth after school programs at:


  • Thomasville Heights Elementary School (Thomasville Heights)
  • Drew Charter School Early Learning Academy (East Lake)
  • King Middle School (Grant Park)


After school programs offer:


  • Structured drills and soccer activities
  • Free play soccer games
  • Opportunity to stay physically active
  • Social interaction and adult role models



Student Success Highlight


In the first episode of their docu-series featuring young people and fearless communities shaping the modern game on and off the pitch, New Balance features Ahkil Russ, an SOPFC student ambassador, graduate of Maynard Jackson High School, and top goal scorer in Georgia. Watch Ahkil's story and how soccer helped shape his life.



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