Free Agents Guide


SOPFC Free Agents on the pitch


Looking for a team to play for? Captains are looking for you too!


Free Agents are players actively looking to join a team. Our goal is to connect Free Agents and Captains, so everyone wins.





How to Join a Team



1. Register as a Free Agent


Click the "Free Agent" button for each day you're available to play - it's free to register! Captains looking for players will invite you if they think you're a good fit for their team, so be on the lookout for an invitation email.


2. Join our next Teamup event


Teamup is a one-night event where SOPFC places you on a team of other Free Agents to play two refereed league games. Meet other Free Agents, see exactly how league games work, and link up with others to start a team in one of our leagues.


3. Post in our Free Agents & Captains group


Post your desired league(s), skill level, days available, preferred position(s), and/or experience in our Facebook group. Captains will comment or message you if they think you're a good fit for their team.


4. DM teams on Instagram


We've heard that Captains/Admins are often pretty responsive to players reaching out directly with interest to join their team. Might be a good idea to follow our account (since we re-share team stories and calls for players), as well as any teams you think might be a good fit.


5. Join our pickup sessions


Captains and current players often play in our pickup games, so come out to a session and meet other players! If you'd like help getting connected, let the Field Manager know you're looking for a team - they may know which players are recruiting.


6. Start your own team


You control your own destiny! Only you can make it happen! If you want something done right, do it yourself! And other cliches. But seriously, it's a lot easier than you think to get 8-12 other ppl together to start a team, mostly because we have a pool of so many ppl just like you RIGHT NOW, all looking for a team. Click the "Team" button for the league you want (it's free to create the team), and after you’re done registering, click the "Recruit Free Agents" button on your Manage Team page to browse and invite Free Agents to join your team.





Free Agent FAQ




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