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Atlanta Pickup Soccer Games


Pickup Soccer in Atlanta


About SOPFC Pickup Soccer


We are soccer enthusiasts who organize Intown Atlanta pickup soccer games open to players of all skill levels in the community!


We reserve turf fields specifically for pickup soccer, provide clean pinnies to distinguish teams, and have organizers on hand to keep things fun and friendly for both competitive and novice players. All we ask from you is a positive attitude and a small fee per session (cards & Apple/Google Pay only, no cash) to cover the costs of fields, lights, organizers, and laundry.


Our pickup soccer sessions typically involve simultaneous games up to 8v8, so it's important to join each event prior to coming out. All of our sessions are geared towards, and welcoming of, players of all skill levels, ages, and genders. Sometimes we host specific formats such as family pickup or beginner's training - these are clearly labeled.



Upcoming Pickup Events


Join our OpenSports group to view all pickup sessions and get push notifications of upcoming events.





SOPFC OpenSports Group


We use an incredible pickup sports app called OpenSports to manage our pickups.


Join SOPFC's OpenSports group, then download the app to view and join upcoming pickup events.


OpenSports is built specifically for pickup sports. Some great features include:


  • An easy-to-use mobile app for joining games from your phone
  • Automatic refunds if you need to cancel your spot within the refund window
  • Automatic waitlist for full pickups notifies players in the order they joined if someone drops
  • Invite options for each event to get your friends to play too
  • Ability to pay for a friend's spot when you join
  • A "Chat" tab for each event
  • Upload photos from any session
  • And a lot more features!


SOPFC is proud to be the largest OpenSports pickup partner worldwide, and we actively collect player feedback and work closely with their co-founders to help them continue building great features.


Atlanta Pickup Soccer Game



General Pickup Schedule


Join our OpenSports group for actual dates, times, and locations of upcoming pickups.


Below is only a general guide to our pickups; we offer most of these sessions every week, and we frequently offer additional pickups on short notice as well. In order to play a session, you must join the event on OpenSports first. If you show up without joining the event to reserve your spot, there may not be space for you to play, and current safety protocols may not allow any players without a paid spot to enter the facility at all.


Note: We accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for pickup session fees via OpenSports. For the safety of our field managers, we cannot accept ANY cash payments.


Monday Nights - Pickup soccer games at Maynard Jackson High School (East Atlanta) on turf with lights. 24-48 spots.


Tuesday Nights - Pickup soccer games at Maynard Jackson High School (East Atlanta) on turf with lights. 24-48 spots.


Wednesday Nights - Pickup soccer games at Maynard Jackson High School (East Atlanta) and Carver High School (South Atlanta) on turf with lights. 24-48 spots.


Thursday Nights - Pickup soccer games at Maynard Jackson High School (East Atlanta) and Washington High School (Westside) on turf with lights. 24-48 spots.


Friday Nights - Pickup soccer games at Walden Athletic Complex (Downtown) on turf with lights. 48 spots.


Saturday Midday - Open for private pickups and training only currently.


Sunday Mornings - "Family Pickup Soccer" games at Maynard Jackson High School (East Atlanta) on turf and beginner's pickup sessions at the Eastside BeltLine Skatepark (Old Fourth Ward) on grass. This involves kids and adults alike. Free!


Sunday Afternoon/Evenings - Pickup soccer games at Walden Athletic Complex (Downtown) and Washington High School (Westside) on turf. 24-48 spots.


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Atlanta Pickup Soccer Team



SOPFC Pickup Rules


Our pickup soccer games are a great way to get to know our club better. Whether you're a pro, or someone who hasn't touched the ball in decades, we welcome you to participate. The rules below are a way of ensuring our pickup games stay fun and friendly for everyone. All players must also agree to abide by our Player Code of Conduct - please give it a read and bring your best sportsmanship to the pitch.


  1. The first rule of SOPFC is, you talk about SOPFC: Invite a friend to play.
  2. Positive attitudes only.
  3. No slide tackling.
  4. No corner kicks.
  5. Kick-in from the sides instead of throw-ins.
  6. Call your own fouls, and no one else's.
  7. If someone calls a foul, respect the call.
  8. All goals must be scored inside the halfway line.
  9. Last player back may use their hands in front of the goal.
  10. Games start by kicking the ball in the air and letting it bounce twice before being touched.


The Games


Pickup sessions usually consist of one pitch and three teams, with one team rotating off every 10 minutes.


Pickup sessions that rotate teams will only rotate up to three teams max per pitch. One team will rotate off every 10 minutes, so players will play 20 minutes at a time, then wait 10 minutes, etc.