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Player Reviews for SOPFC

Our club and community focus drives the experience we work hard to cultivate for our players. SOPFC thrives not only on competition and organization, but on good vibes, respect for one another, and a friendly atmosphere. But hey, you should hear that stuff directly from our players!


Online Reviews


SOPFC 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp
  4.9/5 Stars                   5/5 Stars


"These guys are top notch. Great fun to play with. Really working hard to get people in the community playing. Can't say enough good things about them!"

-Jack Maddox


"Great 7-on-7 leagues nearly every night of the week. The guys that run it actually care about the players' experience, it's quite affordable, and you don't have to pay for parking. Plus, the turf fields are top notch. If you're looking for a well run, in-town league, this is your best bet by a long shot. This was a far superior experience for my team and we plan on playing with SOPFC for a long time."

-Josh Bagriansky


"I had a blast for a first-timer. Definitely recommend for those looking for a new hobby and wanting to stay active. I had one goal and 3 assists. Really enjoyed it!! Will play again soon."



"Run by awesome people and good quality play. Refs are good too. Locations are convenient and in town."

-Phinizy Wimberly


"The pick up games are very well organized and great for people who want to just play for fun. It is the best pick up game in metro Atlanta area."

-Tushar Makhija


"Best program inside the city with top-notch fields and friendly competition. Affordable pickup just about every night of the week!"

-Andrew Paul


"Been doing pickup/leagues with SOPFC for ~4 years now, and it is the best soccer spot in the city. Period. The pickup games and leagues are fun and just the right amount of competitive! They've got something for everybody of every skill level."

-Mansoor Siddeeq


"I played pickup with them every Friday for a month or so and just joined a league on Tuesday. Pickups are incredibly well organized and everyone I've met on my team so far is really nice, great players too. Best parts are nice turf and it's closer than any other fields in ATL."

-Lawrence Patterson


"Awesome chill group of guys who run this. Very well organized and lots of fun!"

-Anthony Suarez


"Sons of Pitches is a great organization! SOPFC is truly dedicated to bringing football to Atlanta. I was playing pickup once or twice a week, but since finding SOPFC I'm involved on a full schedule, sometimes 7 days a week. As much football as I can. Can't ask for much more than that! These lads really care for the community and support all things soccer!"

-Tyler Perez


"Very organized, fun and competitive. They have a good balance to it."

-Samuel Ajayi


"Boasts the best facilities in the most convenient in-town locations. They have the newest turf fields in Atlanta and have rapidly developed strong ties in the local community. Run by locals who are both avid fans of the beautiful game, it also has the homiest, most comfortable feel of all the leagues I've ever played in."

-Myles Cohen


"I've had only great experiences with Sons of Pitches FC, their rooftop soccer pitch in Atlanta is awesome! I'm only a casual soccer player but everyone made me feel welcomed."

-Sergio Brands


"Always great competition and a wonderful playing atmosphere. Officials do their best to adjudicate well!"

-Prince Orich


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League Experience Feedback


SOPFC 5-star reviews from league players
 4.9/5 Stars


"The times I've played with this organization have all been fun and encouraging. I thank who ever is in charge for this opportunity to just have fun. Thanks!!"

-Michael P.


"This is my first season with SOPFC, but so far everything is better than it was at the other leagues."



"SOPFC is my jam! I love you guys. Keep up the good work."

-Bert B.


"I appreciate that some of the money we pay goes back into the community."



"I like that I'm able to find a team and a league where my lack of experience doesn't prevent me from being a productive part of my team."



"You guys do a great job organizing the pick ups and leagues."

-Mark L.


"The referees are fair but they still let us play the game without blowing the whistle every play. I also appreciate the league providing colored pinnies when necessary."



"It is the right balance of competitive (people aren't joking around), without being too serious or too much of a commitment."




Pickup Session Reviews


SOPFC 5-star reviews from pickup players
 4.8/5 Stars


"Great staff, equipment, fields, and a variety of levels."

-Will Lovern

"Very well organized for pick-up games. Great facility at the Walden Athletic Complex."
-Caleb McKisic


"Good showing. Good players. Good competition. Had a great time. A lot of players with skills and everyone passes the ball well and made great decisions."

-Suban Thongthirak


"Great organization! And well organized & great fields! Competition is not too shabby either."

-Hugo Rodriguez


"Excellent. All ages and levels of play."

-Anthony Bassey


"Good atmosphere! Good people."

-Yonten Basnet


"Great match, great people. Thank you Sons of Pitches 🙂"

-Ihsan Yıldırım

"Awesome game and great players!"

-James Gibbons

"Was a really fun night thanks for making us Torontonians feel at home!!
-Alicia Luciani

"Great attitudes and a good game."

-Tomer Duwek


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