League Rules


SOPFC league players showing good sportsmanship after a game


Quick Reminders


  • No sliding (except goalkeepers)
  • No offsides
  • No goalkeeper punting
  • Give 5 yards on free kicks
  • Playoff PKs are best of 4 by each team
  • Need to forfeit? Submit the Forfeit Form





Recent Updates


IV. B. Player Probation created in addition to Team Probation.


V. M. Penalty kick spot language has been expanded to reflect placement based on field.


IV. B. An automatic ID check for the entire team will now take place prior to any game in which that team has a player serving a suspension for a red card.


III. G. In a division of 8 or more teams with a playoff bracket, the two teams that relegate are the last place teams (lowest points) of the regular season. Previously, the last place teams were determined after the final consolation game.