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Field Managers at a league game


From all of us at SOPFC, thank you for your interest in and work managing our leagues and pickups. This guide is designed to help you create a safe and fun experience for everyone at the field, from players and Referees, to friends and spectators.


SOPFC Field Managers are instrumental not only in running a smooth operation at the field, but in cultivating a friendly and welcoming vibe, which directly influences how much our players and teams enjoy their time on the field and return to play again each season.





Leagues Rules - SOPFC official rules


Field Manager Resources - Detailed shift info


Field Manager Checklist - Quick shift reminders


Shift Bid, Schedule & Coverage Info - Manage work schedule





If there is an emergency or serious injury, always call 911 first, IMMEDIATELY!


Urgent non-emergency issues:

  • Post to SOPFC GroupMe
  • Call an Organizer directly


How players can contact us:



Shift Logins


Mobile Admin - View and manage staff shifts; Record scores from referees

  • Go to on mobile browser
  • Username/password: [personally assigned]


OpenSports - Check in pickup players

  • Download OpenSports app on phone & join SOPFC group
  • Username/password: [log in using Facebook or email]


GroupMe - Staff announcements and chat

  • Download GroupMe app on phone


Square - Accept payments for pickup at field

  • Download Square app on phone
  • Login email:
  • Password: [contact management if forgotten]



Facility Rules


NO dogs, pets, or animals allowed inside the fence of any schools or facilities.


NO smoking or alcohol, even in the parking lot.


NO warming up on the track, regardless of the type of shoes worn.


If someone’s behavior at the field is unsportsmanlike or unacceptable in any way, the Field Manager should:

  1. Ask player politely to leave premises. Do not argue with a player if they are uncooperative.
  2. Ask the player’s Team Captain or friend to help facilitate them leaving the premises.
  3. If problems persist, immediately call Atlanta Public Schools police at 404-802-2000 if on school property, otherwise call 911.



30-30 Lightning Rule


If lightning is spotted, and the thunder sounds within 30 seconds, stop play immediately and take shelter for 30 minutes. Field Managers enforce delays at the field by telling players, “Please go to your car, we’re under a 30-minute delay.”


  1. 30 seconds: Count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. If this time is less than 30 seconds, lightning is still a potential threat. Seek shelter immediately.
  2. 30 minutes: After the last lightning flash, wait 30 minutes before leaving shelter. Half of all lightning deaths occur after a storm passes. Stay in a safe area during this time.
  3. Players must go to their cars, or a building with a roof and four walls. Standing under awnings or other semi-shelters is NOT safe.


If lightning is spotted again, start the 30 minutes over from that flash. Organizers will decide and communicate to Field Managers if cancellations are necessary.



Pickup Sessions


Pickup sessions are managed through the OpenSports app. Please check the OpenSports event to see session details. Players paying at the field must swipe a credit/debit card via Square at the field. Cash is never accepted at the field.


Pickup team size limits must be strictly observed. Some players may want to add additional players to teams/games, but we must respect the event expectations.


Pickup games play for 10 minutes at a time if teams are waiting to rotate in. “Winner stays on” for the first game only, then the waiting team rotates in every 10 minutes.



League Rules Highlights


Some highlights of our rules that you may find helpful as a Field Manager.


Team roster rules

  • To be eligible to play in the playoffs, a player must be on their team’s roster. No guest players allowed for playoffs under any circumstance.
  • Guest players are allowed to play with a team during the regular season, but must still meet league rules requirements (such as Over-30 or Over-40).


Sliding rules

  • NO SLIDING (automatic yellow card). Sliding will be defined as anything other than the feet touching the ground during an intentional sliding play with an opposing player within playing distance (5-6 yards). Players are allowed to go to the ground to play the ball in all other situations.
  • Goalkeepers may slide inside the penalty box leading with either hands or feet if done safely and with intent to play the ball, subject to referee discretion.


Racially/sexually abusive language

  • Zero tolerance policy along with fighting.
  • If any racist or sexually abusive language is heard, the Field Manager should get the attention of the referee to stop play immediately.



Equipment & Fields


Field Managers should conduct equipment checks and take inventory regularly at each facility location.


Goal Maintenance


Field Managers are responsible for the upkeep of goals. Please help us keep goals in good shape for each game and the long-term! Move goals properly depending on the type of goal used. Check bungee straps every shift and replace or add them if necessary. Secure any gaps at the bottom or sides of goals. Most importantly, let us know if any of the goals need new parts or maintenance.


Field Cleanup


Field Managers are responsible for cleaning up ANY trash on the field or in the facility area, as well as picking up other items left behind by players. We are guests at all of the facilities we use, and must leave it looking great after activities. Please remind players of our "leave no trace" expectation at the field: if you bring it in, you pack it out or dispose of it in a proper bin.


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