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How to Use GroupMe to Organize Your Team

Set up a team group for chatting and game RSVPs.


GroupMe team chat examples


Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy way to communicate quickly with your team AND see who's in or out for upcoming games in an organized list?


As many teams already know, GroupMe is the answer! It's our most popular tool among Captains for team chat and game RSVPs, and our personal favorite. If you're not already using the app, give it a shot - if your players play on other teams too, they're prob already on it.


To start a group for your team:


  1. Download the GroupMe app
  2. Click the pencil icon in the top right and "Start Group"
  3. Name your group and start adding teammates as members

You can start typing teammates' names to see if they're already on the app, otherwise you'll need their phone number or email to add them. 


In addition to chatting and posting updates for games, many teams use GroupMe to share standings screenshots (, coordinate get togethers at bars or events, or @ tag specific players with questions or post-game accolades. 


But we've found the most useful feature is GAME EVENTS! This asks everyone to click "Yes" or "No" whether they're attending the next game.


To create an event for your next game:


  1. Click the + icon in the far right of the chat bar
  2. Click the calendar icon and "Create New Event"
  3. Fill in all the game details (hint: add a reminder at the bottom so players get pinged again automatically an hour or two or a day before game time!)

As teammates start clicking yes or no, you'll see a list of "Going", "Not Going" and "Pending" so you can follow-up as necessary.


Here are screenshots showing the calendar icon for creating a new calendar event, and what a team GroupMe looks like:


GroupMe team group - events and chat